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Human Resource Management, 12/e

Human Resource Management, 12/e
Author(s)  Gary Dessler and Biju Varkkey
ISBN  9788131754269
Imprint  Pearson Education
Copyright  2011
Pages  760
Binding  Paperback
List Price  Rs. 799.00

Human Resource Management remains the best-selling text in the field, thanks to its authoritative and accurate information on HR-related responsibilities and personnel management. The new twelfth edition of the book has been written for all students of management, and not just those who will someday bear the title of human resource manager. Thus, this edition specifically focuses on the practical applications that all managers need to carry out their HR-related responsibilities. The addition of Indian case studies and examples to the original concepts of the book make this edition an invaluable, contextually relevant text for students in the subcontinent.
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  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management
  2. Employment Law in India and the United States
  3. The Manager’s Role in Strategic Human Resource Management

  1. Job Analysis
  2. Human Resource Planning and Recruiting
  3. Employee Testing and Selection
  4. Interviewing Candidates

  1. Training and Developing Employees
  2. Performance Management and Appraisal
  3. Coaching, Careers, and Talent Management

  1. Establishing Strategic Pay Plans
  2. Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives
  3. Benefits and Services

  1. Ethics, Justice, and Fair Treatment in HR Management
  2. Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
  3. Employee Safety and Health
  4. Managing Global Human Resources
  5. Managing Human Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms

  • NEW – The Evidence-Based HR feature presents examples of how managers work on the basis of facts and evidence
  • NEW – The Managing HR in Challenging Times feature illustrates the skills managers need to manage human resources in challenging times
  • NEW – Chapter 18, “Managing Human Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms”, contains special topics that will be useful while managing human resources in smaller firms
  • NEW – The HR Apps 4 U feature illustrates how managers use mobile devices to support their HR activities
  • NEW – Vignettes, examples, and cases from India—such as DMRC, NIIT, HPCL, Aravind Eye Care System, SBI, and Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.—that discuss various aspects of human resource management
  • Practical applications that can be used to understand and apply strategic human resource management
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