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Power System Operation and Control, 1/e

Power System Operation and Control, 1/e
Author(s)  S. Sivanagaraju and G. Sreenivasan
ISBN  9788131726624
Imprint  Pearson Education
Copyright  2009
Pages  612
Binding  Paperback
List Price  Rs. 649.00

Power System Operation and Control is a comprehensive text designed for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in electrical engineering. This book aims to meet the requirements of electrical engineering students of universities all over India. This text is written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner and is valuable both as a textbook as well as a reference book for engineering students and practicing engineers.
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S. Sivanagaraju is Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University College of Engineering, JNTU Kakinada, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
G. Sreenivasan is Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, INTELL Engineering College, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

  1. Economic Aspects
  2. Economic Load Dispatch-I
  3. Economic Load Dispatch-II
  4. Optimal Unit Commitment
  5. Optimal Power-Flow Problem—Solution Technique
  6. Hydro-Thermal Scheduling
  7. Load Frequency Control-I
  8. Load Frequency Control-II
  9. Reactive Power Compensation
  10. Voltage Control
  11. Modeling of Prime Movers and Generators
  12. Modeling of Speed Governing and
  13. Excitation Systems
  14. Power System Security and State Estimation

  • In-depth coverage of economical load dispatch problems and load frequency control of power systems
  • Exclusive chapters on reactive-power compensation with modern control techniques
  • A comprehensive chapter on voltage control
  • In-depth coverage of modelling of LFC components
  • Precise explanations supported by various examples
  • A large number of examples such as multiple-choice questions, short questions and answers, review questions, and practice problems
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