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Sustainable Business: Financial Times Briefing

Sustainable Business:   Financial Times Briefing

  • Brian Clegg
  • Author: Brian Clegg
    • ISBN:9780273746010
    • 10 Digit ISBN:0273746014
    • Price:Rs. 445.00
    • Pages:160
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    A more sustainable business is a more profitable one.  Financial Times Briefing on Sustainable Business is your practical and accessible guide to transforming the way you do business, to the gain of both the environment and your bottom line. It will show you what youneed to do to develop a sound, authentic and most of all profitable approach to environmental sustainability.The unique structure of the book will ensure that you get the targeted advice you need.

    Financial Times Briefings are designed to give busy decision-makers the answers to pressing issues that require hard measurable results

    Table of Content

    Part 1 – In Brief
    1. Executive summary
    2. What is sustainable business?
    3. Why do it?
    4. Who’s doing it? Who has done it?
    Part 2 – In Practice
    1. How to do it: strategy guide
    2. How to do it: detailed considerations
    3. How to justify it: developing a business case
    4. How to manage it
    5. How to measure it
    6. How to talk about it
    Part 3 – Intervention
    1. Executive intervention
    Part 4 – In depth
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  • Salient Features

    • Financial Times Briefings are designed to give busy decision-makers short, results-focused advice to pressing issues that require hard measurable results.
    • There’s a gap in the market: Nothing else out there which condenses high level information targeted at senior managers.
    • Strong Branding: The FT connection gives authority to the series. It is a brand that business people trust.
    • Clear Structure: Each book follows a logical modular structure, with a clear focus on what senior managers need to know, ask, measure and do to make things happen.
    • Expert collaboration: There is a panel of series advisors who are business experts from a range of subject fields and backgrounds.
    • FT Briefing: Sustainable Business gives executives the low-down on all the key issues in the critical area of sustainable business, helping businesses improve their strategy for sustainability so they can also provide real business benefit to their organisation.
    • Market: Pearson Education is the management market leader with over 24% market share. Management is the biggest market in the business sector and was worth £6 million in 2009.