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XML and Web Services Unleashed

XML and Web Services Unleashed

  • Ron Schmelzer
  • Travis Vandersypen
  • Jason Bloomberg
  • Madhu Siddalingaiah
  • Sam Hunting
  • Michael D. Qualls
  • David Houlding
  • Chad Darby
  • Diane Kennedy
  • Author: Ron Schmelzer
    • ISBN:9788131718698
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131718697
    • Price:Rs. 949.00
    • Pages:1200
    • Imprint:SAMS
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    The complete and up to date XML Reference book on topics that matter. The XML literate developer is certain to have plenty of new topics and emerging specs that they have never explored previously.

    Table of Content

    I: Essentials Of XML
    1. XML in Context.
    2. The Fundamentals of XML.
    3. Validating XML with the Document Type Definition (DTD).
    4. Creating XML Schemas.
    5. The X-Files: XPath, XPointer, and Xlink.
    6. Defining XML Using Alternate Schema Representations.
    II: Building XML-Based Applications
    1. Parsing XML Using Document Object Model.
    2. Parsing XML Using SAX.
    3. Transforming XML with XSL.
    4. Integrating XML with Databases.
    5. Formatting XML for the Web.
    6. Interactive Graphical Visualizations with SVG.
    7. XML and Content Management.
    8. Architecting Web Services.
    9. Web Services Building Blocks: SOAP.
    10. Web Services Building Blocks: WSDL and UDDI.
    11. Leveraging XML in Visual Studio .NET.
    12. Using XML in the .NET Enterprise Servers.
    III: Applied XML
    1. Understanding XML Standards.
    2. Implementing XML in E-Business.
    3. Delivering Wireless and Voice Services with XML.
    4. Applied XML in Vertical Industry.
    IV: The Semantic Web
    1. RDF for Information Owners.
    2. The Semantic Web for Information Owners.
    V: Appendix

    Salient Features

    • Top authors from each HOT and emerging XML area drill deep to bring you competency and confidence within the areas of XML that are normally outside of your everyday world.
    • Code samples, examples and context make the XML developer comfortable and confident in launching into new areas of XML
    • Authorship comes from Java, Microsoft and Open Source backgrounds to provide all sides of the story.