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8051 Microcontroller: Internals, Instructions, Programming & Interfacing

8051 Microcontroller:   Internals, Instructions, Programming & Interfacing

  • Subrata Ghoshal
  • Author: Subrata Ghoshal
    • ISBN:9788131731437
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    • Pages:512
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
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    For every PC there are at least 20 embedded systems, and the number is increasing. 8051 is one of the most widely used microcontrollers in embedded system design, and its internal architecture, instruction set and interfacing techniques are presented in this book through simple language, excellent graphical annotations and a large variety of solved examples.

    Spread across 26 chapters, this book starts with the internal architecture of 8051, and then explains all instructions with examples of applications. In-depth discussions on interrupt-handling features are followed by the techniques of interfacing 8051 with the external world through different types of motors, relays, sensors, ADC/DACs, memory devices, keyboards, displays, etc.

    As most of the embedded systems are battery-powered, power-saving schemes play a major role in considerations of these system designs. Hence, an entire chapter is devoted to explaining power management using 8051. One full-length design example explaining both hardware as well as software aspects of a home protection system using 8051 is presented as a case study. Discussions are concluded by a chapter on advanced microcontrollers such as the AVR.

    Table of Content

    1. Introduction
    2. General Architecture
    3. I/O Ports and SFRs
    4. Addressing Modes and Data Move Operations
    5. Arithmetic Operations
    6. Program Branching
    7. Programming Examples-I
    8. Subroutines and Stack
    9. Logical Operations
    10. Boolean Variable Manipulation
    11. Programming Examples-II
    12. Advanced Instructions
    13. Programming Examples-III
    14. External Interrupts
    15. Timer/Counter Interrupts
    16. Serial Communication and Serial Interrupts
    17. Interfacing - External Memory
    18. Interfacing – keyboard
    19. Interfacing – Display
    20. Interfacing – DAC/ADC
    21. Interfacing – DC Motor
    22. Interfacing – Stepper Motor
    23. Interfacing – Servo Motor
    24. Power Management
    25. Case Study: A Home protection system
    26. Advanced Microcontrollers

    Salient Features

    • Three chapters devoted exclusively to solved examples
    • Simpler modules with graphical explanations for complex concepts like I/O port structure or interrupt handling for easier understanding
    • Pictorial representation of most 8051 instructions
    • Extensive comment statements in example programs for better understanding of the program-logic.
    • Separate chapters on servo motor interfacing with laboratory experiments
    • Checklists for software developers to ensure zero-error subroutines
    • Examples of programming 8051 in C language.
    • A total of 780 questions spread evenly over 26 chapters, with 30 questions at the end of every chapter
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