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Universal Science Book 8

Universal Science Book 8

  • Anita Sood
  • Anupama Bhandari
  • Madhabi Bose
  • Shelly Wadhwa
  • Author: Anita Sood
    • ISBN:9788131766576
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    • Price: Rs. 321.00
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    • Pages:244
    • Imprint:Longman
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Recommended for primary-and middle-school students, Universal Science is a series of eight books that adheres to the National Curriculum Framework (2005). The books have been designed in accordance with the latest guidelines laid down by the National Council of Educational Research and Training. The series is based on extensive feedback received from teachers and education consultants experienced in teaching and interacting with students in this age group. All the books present concepts and provide exercises with the view to nurturing the scientific temperament in young learners. The well structured chapters interspersed with interesting information and questions make learning almost effortless. Together with the activities which instil the spirit of experimentation, the detailed coverage of topics and the variety of exercises lend the textbooks the right balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of science.

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