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Marketing Management: A South Asian Perspective, 14/e

Marketing Management:  A South Asian Perspective,  14/e

  • Philip Kotler
  • Kevin Lane Keller
  • Abraham Koshy
  • Mithileswar Jha
  • Author: Philip Kotler
    • ISBN:9788131767160
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    Marketing Management is the leading marketing text because it consistently reflects changes in marketing theory and practice. The fourteenth edition of Marketing Management: A South Asian Perspective preserves many of the distinguishing features of the past editions and, at the same time, provides revised and updated content from the global as well as local context.

    Table of Content


    PART 1 Understanding Marketing Management
    1. Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
    2. Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans
    PART 2 Assessing Market Opportunities and Customer Value
    1. Scanning the Marketing Environment, Forecasting Demand, and Conducting Marketing Research
    2. Creating Customer Value and Customer Relationships
    3. Analyzing Consumer Markets
    4. Analyzing Business Markets
    PART 3 Choosing Value
    1. Identifying Market Segments and Targets
    2. Competitive Dynamics
    3. Crafting the Brand Positioning
    4. Creating Brand Equity
    PART 4 Designing Value
    1. Setting Product Strategy
    2. Designing and Managing Services
    3. Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs
    PART 5 Delivering Value
    1. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels
    2. Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics
    PART 6 Communicating Value
    1. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications
    2. Managing Mass Communications
    3. Managing Personal Communications
    PART 7 Sustaining Growth and Value
    1. Introducing New Market Offerings
    2. Tapping into Global Markets
    3. Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization for the Long Run

    Appendix: Sonic Marketing Plan
    Image Credits
    Name Index
    Company, Brand, and Organization Index
    Subject Index

    Salient Features

    • Brand new chapter-opening vignettes that can serve as great classroom discussion starters
    • Updated and revised Marketing Memo and Marketing Insight boxes that provide in-depth insights into the practical aspects of marketing and discuss the challenges and opportunities unique to rural markets in South Asia
    • Many new in-text cases, in addition to Marketing Excellence cases at the end of each chapter
    • Dramatic changes in the current marketing environment addressed through subsections on issues such as marketing during economic downturns, the rise of sustainability and “green” marketing, and the increasing role of digital media in marketing
    • Reorganized material to focus on customer value as the central theme of the South Asian edition
    • Focus on holistic marketing—the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize the breadth and interdependencies of today's marketing environment
    • Powerful teaching and learning support through a detailed instructors' manual, PowerPoint lecture slides, and test-item files
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