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System Simulation and Modeling

System Simulation and Modeling

  • Sankar Sengupta
  • Author: Sankar Sengupta
    • ISBN:9788131774472
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131774473
    • Price:Rs. 249.00
    • Pages:264
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Computer simulation is an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer so that it can be studied to see how the system works. This book provides an excellent coverage on system modeling and simulation with the help of examples and applications taken from diverse areas like computer systems, statistics, manufacturing and insurance. The book presents valuable guidelines on the materials required to build a simulation model, explains the process of evaluating results and helps to take decisions based on the results. Apart from an in-depth discussion on Arena and its step-by-step approach to convert a problem statement into an Arena simulation model, the book also briefly discusses a number of commercially available software on simulation like GPSS, SIMSCRIPT and DYNAMO.

    Table of Content

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Simulation 
    Chapter 2 Review of Probability and Statistics 
    Chapter 3 Managing the Event Calendar in a Discrete-Event Simulation Model 
    Chapter 4 Modeling Input Data 
    Chapter 5 Generation of Random Numbers 
    Chapter 6 Generation of Random Variates 
    Chapter 7 Generic Features and Introduction to Arena 
    Chapter 8 Applications
    Chapter 9  Discrete-Continuous Simulation 
    Chapter 10 Verification and Validation of Simulation Models
    Chapter 11 Introduction to Queuing System
    Chapter 12 Output Analysis 
    Chapter 13 Agent-Based Simulation 
    Chapter 14 Introduction to simulation-Optimization Hybrid Tool
    Chapter 15 Review of Popular Simulation Software

    Salient Features

    • Exclusive coverage on agent-based simulation which can be applied to many applications outside the manufacturing and service sector
    • A chapter on simulation-optimization to help students understand the design of a system for optimal performance using a simulation model
    • 12 application problems from diverse areas discussed to facilitate a practical perspective of the subject
    • Summary at the end of every chapter to enhance learning abilities of students