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Organizational Change

Organizational Change

  • Harsh Pathak
  • Author: Harsh Pathak
    • ISBN:9788177584318
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8177584316
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    • Pages:404
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
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    Business is changing at a break-neck speed, so managers must be increasingly active in reorganizing their firms to gain a competitive edge. This textbook provides a discussion of change in relation to the complexities of organizational life, offering comprehensive coverage of the significant ideas and issues associated with change at all levels of organizational activity from the strategic to the operational and at the individual, group, organizational and societal levels. Taking both a theoretical and a practical approach to the issues of organizational change, the text seeks to meet both the academic and applied aims of most business and management courses. The book is ideal for both MBA students and those studying for the more specialist degrees in organizational change. Its structure and content also make it accessible to final-level undergraduate business studies students.

    Table of Content

    1. Business Organization: The Domain of Change
    2. Organizational Culture and Change
    3. Concept of Change
    4. Organizational Resistance to Change
    5. Organizational Change and Change Agents
    6. Strategic Management of Change
    7. Organizational Diagnosis
    8. Organizational Development
    9. Manager as Catalyst of Change
    10. Learning Organization: The Ultimate Objective of Management of Change
    11. Some Models of Organizational Change
    Case Study: “20-Milestone”
      Case 1 – It Smells like Money Case 2 – Nainital Crisis Case 3 – Organizing the President’s Administration Case 4 – Mr. Rao and his ‘Alcoa’ Project Case 5 – Performance Rating Case 6 – Magic Kingdom Case 7 – The High-priced OD Consultant Case 8 – Scenarios for Dealing with Change Case 9 – Mr. Krishna Rao’s Confusion Case 10 – India in Diagnosis Case 11 – Is it Workload or Motivation? Case 12 – Training Programme in Hindustan Case 13 – Doing my Own Thing Case 14 – Bad Brakes Case 15- Mr. Rama and his Changing Plan Case 16 – The Case against Vision Case 17 – A Combat – Zone Case 18 – Love it or Leave it Case 19 – Rama Swami or Rumour Case 20 – Seeing the forest and the Trees
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    Salient Features

    • Takes a conceptual and analytical approach to the way that theory and research in relation to organizations and change is explored and critiqued
    • Includes practical elements in its provision of descriptions and worked examples of different approaches to effecting change
    • Asks readers to undertake challenging activities to encourage the application of ideas and learning from the text to personal experience
    • One closing case wraps up the discussion in each chapter
    • Practicing Organizational Change: Class tested end-of-chapter experiential exercises give students experience with organizational theory.
    • Case for Analysis: Twenty case studies provided at the end are meant to be used in class to facilitate discussion.