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Marketing Research: An Integrated Approach, 3/e

Marketing Research:  An Integrated Approach,  3/e

  • Alan Wilson
  • Author: Alan Wilson
    • ISBN:9789332535572
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332535574
    • Price:Rs. 659.00
    • Pages:1
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Marketing Research: An Integrated Approach, Third Edition, is invaluable for anyone studying marketing research at a degree or diploma level. The author is the lead examiner for modules in the professional qualifications of the Market Research Society and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and the content of the book has been developed to fully support the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Marketing Information and Research Professional Certificate module and The Market Research Society's Principles of Market and Social Research and Information Diploma module.

    The book places research in the bigger picture of marketing and demonstrates how an understanding of marketing research is a key requirement of any effective marketing professional. The text integrates the key concepts and techniques of marketing research with both the management of customer information from customer databases along with the monitoring of user-generated content appearing on online social networks.

    Marketing Research is written in a clear and accessible style using many examples, real-life case histories and discussions of current issues in marketing research and customer information management, making it ideal for supporting the delivery of single semester modules on marketing research.


    Table of Content

    Chapter 1 The role of marketing research and customer information
    in decision making
    Chapter 2 The marketing research process
    Chapter 3 Secondary data and customer databases
    Chapter 4 Collecting observation data and monitoring online user-generated contents
    Chapter 5 Collecting and analysing qualitative data
    Chapter 6 Collecting quantitative data
    Chapter 7 Designing questionnaires
    Chapter 8 Sampling methods
    Chapter 9 Analysing quantitative data
    Chapter 10 Presenting the research results

    Marketing research in action: case histories
    Case 1: Lynx - launching a new brand
    Case 2: Sony Ericsson - understanding the mobile phone market
    Case 3: AIR MILES - researching advertising effectiveness
    Case 4: The Metro - newspaper media research and understanding the reader
    Case 5: Birmingham airport - researching customer satisfaction
    Case 6: Gu - establishing a community for research
    Case 7: English Rugby - researching participation
    Case 8: Malta and MTV - researching attitudes
    Case 9: Allied Domecq - researching lifestyles
    Case 10: Dove - researching beauty for a communications campaign

    Salient Features

    • Links current marketing research techniques with real-life marketing research practice, providing case histories explaining how marketing research has been used by leading brands such as Sony Ericsson, Lynx, Airmiles, the Metro Newspaper, Dove and Allied Domecq.
    • Covers the newest developments within marketing research including online research, multi-mode interviewing and web analytics.
    • Includesarticles on current issues in marketing research such as declining response rates, the growth in customer insight departments, using social media for research, and international research observation using surveillance cameras.
    • Integrates marketing research with the rapidly developing areas of customer information management such as loyalty cards, databases and customer records
    • Provides chapter-by-chapter suggestions for further reading and websites