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Manual for English Language Communication Skills Laboratories

Manual for English Language Communication Skills Laboratories

  • D Sudha Rani
  • Author: D Sudha Rani
    • ISBN:9789332542006
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332542007
    • Price:Rs. 160.00
    • Pages:136
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    A Manual for English Language Communication Skills Laboratories, 2nd edition is an improved and updated version of the acclaimed A Manual for English Language Laboratories. With additional activity sheets and additional space for recording a student's progress, the focus of this manual is on providing students with extended practice and a record of their daily progress.

    Through an activity based learner-oriented approach rather than a top-down theoretical one, this manual addresses issues of fluency and accuracy in spoken English and effective nonverbal communication among Indian students. The chapters on Phonetics and Role Play provide students with vigorous training in vital aspects of conversational English. Building on above mentioned chapters, the remaining chapters discuss scenarios which require different kinds of etiquette, tone and voice modulation. Theses wide varieties of scenarios—from informal speech, such as giving directions and describing people and things to more formal English in official or educational settings, such as participating in telephone interviews and debates—will provide students an insight into the world of effective communication. The unique three-tier evaluation system, through its rigorous assessment methods, will make students confident to conduct themselves effortlessly in a variety of social situations and develop their personality.

    Thoroughly mapped to the requirements of first-year B.Tech students of Malla Reddy Engineering College, this manual uses simple language and an approach that will appeal to all who need to develop their English language and soft skills.


    Table of Content

    Introduction and Plan of the Manual
    A Brief Profile of the Student
    1.  Introduction to Phonetics
    2. Word Accent and Stress
    3. Intonation
    4. Just a Minute
    5.  Role Play and Telephone Etiquette
    6. Describing Persons, Objects and Places
    7. Giving Directions
    8. Oral Presentations
    9.  Information Transfer
    10. Debate

    Salient Features

    • Revised and updated content
    • Extended activity sheets for practice and record of laboratory activities
    • Scope for assessment and record of progress
    • Extensive exercises involving students and teachers in group activities
    • Three-tier evaluation system—self-evaluation, peer evaluation and teacher's evaluation
    • Design format suitable for both self-study and classroom teaching