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UML and C++: A Practical Guide to Object-Oriented Development

UML and C++: A Practical Guide to Object-Oriented Development

  • Richard C. Lee
  • William M. Tepfenhart
  • Author: Richard C. Lee
    • ISBN:9789332551930
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332551936
    • Price:Rs. 529.00
    • Pages:557
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    For courses in Object-Oriented Programming or Object Oriented C++ courses offered in Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    This practical book teaches readers how to actually do object-oriented modeling using UML notation and implementing the model using C++. The authors introduce all of the basic object-oriented fundamentals necessary to start applying and understanding the object-oriented paradigm without being an expert.


    Table of Content

    1. The Information Management Dilemma.
    2. Managing Complexity: Analysis and Design.
    3. Object-Oriented Programming.
    4. Bounding the Domain.
    5. Finding the Objects.
    6. Identifying Responsibilities.
    7. Specifying Static Behavior.
    8. Dynamic Behavior.
    9. Identifying Relationships.
    10. Rules.
    11. The Model.
    12. Design.
    13. C++ Fundamentals.
    14. Implementing Class.
    15. C++ Libraries.
    16. Implementing Static Behavior.
    17. Implementing Dynamic Behavior.
    18. Instantiating and Deleting Objects.
    19. Implementing Generalization/Specialization.
    20. Implementing More Relationships.
    21. Introduction to the Case Studies.
    22. Case Study: The Breakout Game.
    23. Case Study: Microwave Oven.
    Appendix: A Unified Modeling Language.


    Salient Features

    NEW - Chapter 4 on use case development—As a means to scope the domain of a problem.
    Gives students a basic introduction to the key concepts of use cases, and offers a simple approach to developing a use case description. Ex.___

    NEW - Coverage of C++.
    Reflects changes in the programming language that resulted during ANSI/ISO standardization. Ex.___

    NEW - Chapter 15 C++ libraries, including the standard template libraries—Empasizes their use rather than theory by identifying the commonly used libraries and those that should only be used in special circumstances.
    Allows students to look at those elements which a developer is likely to use in an initial project. Ex.___

    NEW - Updated chapter on implementing associations and aggregations—Reflects use in the Standard Template Libraries.
    Offers students additional attention to detail in one of the most useful chapters. Ex.___

    NEW - Suggestions for a class project—Challenges students to develop a game as they cover material in the book.
    Allows students to apply concepts as they learn them as they follow the whole OOAD process. Ex.___

    Expanded use of UML notation for documentation—A combination of the most popular design methodologies of Grady Booch and Jim Rumbaugh.
    Provides students with an understanding and mastery of the current generation of Software Engineering Diagrams. Ex.___

    Use Cases.
    Supply students with ample guidelines for avoiding common mistakes. Ex.___

    Two case studies presented in the last three chapters illustrate all of the major concepts—A simple Microwave oven and a simple, well-known game, Breakout, as the example applications.
    Allow students to understand how all of the concepts, techniques, and methods fit together to assist in the development of an Object-Oriented application. Ex.___

    Wide range of techniques—Explains why they are used.
    Enables students to accommodate the methodology used in real-world development sites. Ex.___

    Fundamental concepts.
    Offers students enough knowledge to start working as team members, able to contribute at every stage of object-oriented development. Ex.___

    End of chapter step-by-step guides.
    Provide summaries of techniques in chapters.