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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

  • Pravin Durai
  • Author: Pravin Durai
    • ISBN:9789332558571
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332558574
    • Price:Rs. 569.00
    • Pages:744
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Human Resource Management, 2e, presents multifaceted, up-to-date and all-inclusive information which will be useful to students and professionals pursuing human resource management (HRM). The book discusses the subject in lucid language using real-life examples from Indian organizations which helps the reader become conversant with the latest trends as well as the basics of the theory of HRM. It also includes numerous innovative features like skill-development exercises, real-life examples, chapter-end cases, and online resources.

    Table of Content

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
    Chapter 2: Strategic Human Resource Management—A Framework
    Chapter 3: The Evolution and Environment of Human Resource Management
    Chapter 4: Job Analysis and Design
    Chapter 5: Human Resource Planning
    Chapter 6: Recruitment
    Chapter 7: Selection
    Chapter 8: Orientation, Socialization and Placement
    Chapter 9: Career Planning and Guidance
    Chapter 10: Employee Training
    Chapter 11: Management Development
    Chapter 12: Organizational Development
    Chapter 13: Performance Evaluation and Job Evaluation
    Chapter 14: Compensation Administration
    Chapter 15: Incentives and Benefits
    Chapter 16: Employee Well-Being
    Chapter 17: Employee Welfare and Social Security
    Chapter 18: Workers' Participation and Empowerment
    Chapter 19: Job Rotations
    Chapter 20: Industrial Relations
    Chapter 21: Discipline and Disciplinary Action
    Chapter 22: Employee Grievances
    Chapter 23: Industrial Disputes and Collective Bargaining
    Chapter 24: Trade Unions
    Chapter 25: Human Resources Audit
    Chapter 26: The Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
    Chapter 27: Human Resources Accounting
    Chapter 28: Ethical Issues in Human Resource Management
    Chapter 29: International Human Resource Management
    Chapter 30: HR Metrics
    Chapter 31: Human Resource Management in Small and Medium Enterprises

    Salient Features

    • Rich pedagogical features include chapter objectives, chapter-opening vignettes, real-world examples, summary, review questions, skill-development exercises, and chapter-ending cases.
    • Skill-development exercises appear at the end of each chapter and allow readers to participate in a real-life situation and apply learning from the chapter.
    • Latest topics like HR metrics, HR auditing, HR accounting, green HRM, employer branding, employee engagement, knowledge management, life-cycle management, and global HRM have been discussed.
    • Online resource with extra chapters (or topics), multiple-choice and short-answer questions, and an online study guide have been provided."