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Management: A Focus on Leaders, 2/e

Management:  A Focus on Leaders,  2/e

  • Annie McKee
  • Author: Annie McKee
    • ISBN:9789332574175
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332574170
    • Price:Rs. 749.00
    • Pages:632
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Financial crises, catastrophic disasters, and business scandals are constantly making today's headlines. Annie McKee, author of the textbook Management: A Focus on Leader, believes that amidst these issues we are experiencing a unique opportunity to add new fervor to the way we prepare students for the future. Directly addressing the challenges and opportunities in our changing world, Management: A Focus on Leaders shows future managers how to lead in a complex, yet exciting, global environment.


    Table of Content

    "1. Managing and Leading Today: The New Rules.

    2. The Leadership Imperative: It's Up to You.

    3. Motivation and Meaning: What Makes People Want to Work?

    4. Communication: The Key to Resonant Relationships.

    5. Planning and Strategy: Bringing the Vision to Life.

    6. The Human Side of Planning: Decision Making and Critical Thinking.

    7. Change: A Focus on Adaptability and Resiliency.

    8. Workplace Essentials: Creativity, Innovation, and a Spirit of Entrepreneurship.

    9. Organizing for a Complex World: Forces Affecting Organizational Structure and Design.

    10. Teams and Team Building: How to Work Effectively with Others.

    11. Working in a Virtual World: Technology as a Way of Life.

    12. Organizational Controls: People, Processes, Quality, and Results.

    13. Culture: It's Powerful.

    14. Globalization: Managing Effectively in a Global Economic Environment."

    Salient Features

    1) Key current events and their impact on businesses, managers and leaders.
    2) New Leadership Perspectives that incorporate powerful guidance and wisdom on what it means to lead today's top organizations and institutions; other Perspectives have been updated based on new interviews, conducted by the author.
    3) Business Case: Each chapter contains at least one case study about business challenges and leadership.
    4) New and updated examples of real leaders facing real opportunities challenges in organizations today.
    5) Visual Models: The author has created three special visual models that support the most important concepts in the text. The first is the integrated model of management and leadership, found at the beginning of each chapter, which shows how the traditional functions of management are actually linked with leadership at the center. Students will also find an icon that reminds them of the importance of social and emotional intelligence, and an icon that depicts human resources' ever-more-important leadership role in supporting businesses and organizations today.
    6) Streamlined and updated section in each chapter on how human resources can impact chapter topic areas, as well as how the function can support leadership development and smoothly-running businesses and institutions.
    7) Streamlined and updated section in each chapter on how all of us can become outstanding ethical leaders."