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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

  • Anita Woolfolk
  • Shivani Vij
  • Author: Anita Woolfolk
    • ISBN:9789332586697
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332586691
    • Price:Rs. 699.00
    • Pages:804
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    The Indian educational system has grown manifold in the last decade and is expected to

    grow even more in view of the changing needs of the society. Indian society is characterized

    by social, ecological, ideological, and economic disparity. This demands for educational

    policy and practices that cater to the needs and aspirations of children from diverse

    backgrounds. To facilitate such educational practices, there has been a propagation of

    teacher education programs across the country.

    However, there remains a lack of adequate material that looks at the theories and

    their implications keeping in mind the cultural context. With this in mind, the idea to bring

    out the Indian edition of Educational Psychology, 13e by Anita Woolfolk was materialized. "


    Table of Content

    1 Learning, Teaching, and Educational Psychology
    2 Cognitive Development
    3 The Self, Social, and Moral Development
    4 Learner Differences and Learning Needs
    5 Language Development, Language Diversity,
    and Immigrant Education
    6 Culture and Diversity
    7 Behavioral Views of Learning
    8 Cognitive Views of Learning
    9 Complex Cognitive Processes
    10 The Learning Sciences and Constructivism
    11 Social Cognitive Views of Learning and Motivation
    12 Motivation in Learning and Teaching
    13 Creating Learning Environments
    14 Teaching Every Student
    15 Classroom Assessment, Grading, and Standardized Testing "

    Salient Features

    In this edition, the original text has been enriched keeping in view the Indian readership.
    Special attention has been paid to including Indian studies and educational practices. The implications of the Indian family system, persons with disabilities act in India, bilingualism and dialects in India, and Indian assessment system have been introduced to make this edition more meaningful for the Indian readers. The present edition aims to throw light on the Indian educational system keeping in view the Indian cultural diversity."