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Management of Banking and Financial Services

Management of Banking and Financial Services

  • Padmalatha Suresh
  • Dr Justin Paul
  • Author: Padmalatha Suresh
    • ISBN:9789352861873
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9352861876
    • Price:Rs. 699.00
    • Pages:704
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Management of Banking and Financial Services 4/e, provides a thorough

    landscape of the banking and financial services in the country. The book

    addresses the issues of rapid globalization, competition nurtured by

    customer awareness, threat of security invasion and fraud in an era of

    technology savvy world, demands for transparency and the regulator's

    overdrive to capital efficiency or asset quality.

    It has updated chapters on credit risk management, solvency, interest rate

    volatility and adequate liquidity which should be measured and managed.

    All the chapters have been rigorously updated.


    Table of Content

    Managing Banking and Financial Services—Current Issues and Future Challenges
    Monetary Policy—Implications for Bank Management
    Banks' Financial Statements
    Sources of Bank Funds
    Uses of Bank Funds—The Lending Function
    Banks in India—Credit Delivery and Legal Aspects of Lending
    Credit Monitoring, Sickness and Rehabilitation
    Managing Credit Risk— An Overview
    Managing Credit Risk— Advanced Topics
    Managing Market Risk—Banks' Investment Portfolio
    Capital—Risk, Regulation and Adequacy
    Managing Interest Rate and Liquidity Risks
    Banking Functions, Retail Banking and Laws in Everyday Banking
    Banking System—Services and Innovations
    International Banking—Foreign Exchange and Trade Finance
    High-Tech Banking—E-Payment Systems and Electronic Banking
    Understanding Financial Services
    Insurance Services
    Mutual Funds, Securities Trading, Universal Banking and Credit Rating
    Cash Management and Demand Forecasting in ATMs
    Mergers and Acquisitions in the Banking Sector
    Innovations in Products and Services— Cases of Three Banks
    Innovations in Products and Services in Banking—Cases of Public and Private Sector Banks


    Salient Features

    Chapters related to banking, where many reforms have been carried
    out, has been substantially updated and revised to include monetary
    policies, sources of bank funds, counter cyclical buffer, credit
    appraisal, demonetization and many more.
            2.    The questions at the end of each chapters range from simple
    objective type questions to numerical problems to facilitate a better
    understanding of the concepts.
            3.    New topics have been included for possible research such as Peer to
    Peer (P2P) Lending, HDFC borrows through Masala Funds, European
    Central Bank's decision to bailout Greece, RBI's Liabilities and Assets,
    Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Kingfisher Airlines etc.
            4.   The book is divided into six parts. Each part delves into the
    environment of banking and financial services, banking structure,
    sources and uses of bank funds, risk management in banks, cash
    management and consolidation of the financial sector through
    mergers and acquisitions