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Programming with Java, 1/e

Programming with Java, 1/e
Author(s)  Mahesh Bhave and Sunil Patekar
ISBN  9788131720806
Imprint  Pearson Education
Copyright  2008
Pages  748
Binding  Paperback
List Price  Rs. 825.00

This book is designed to present a simple and user-friendly approach to understand the concepts of Java programming language.
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Dr. Mahesh Bhave retired as HOD, Dept. of CSE, VJTI Mumbai, he has a total of over 20 years of teaching and professional experience in the field of Computer Engineering.

Dr. Sunil Patekar he is presently Dean, R&D, VIT, Mumbai. Previously he was the HOD, Dept. of CSE, VJTI Mumbai.

  1. Object Orientation an Introduction
  2. Java Language Basics
  3. Control Structures
  4. Loops
  5. Functions
  6. Arrays
  7. Introducing Classes
  8. Wrapper Classes
  9. Strings
  10. Simple Input Output
  11. Inheritance
  12. Graphics
  13. Collection of Academic Programs
  14. Miscellaneous Topics
  15. Inheritance Revisited
  16. Files
  17. Multithreaded Programming
  18. Exception Handling
  19. Java Applets
  20. Event Handling and AWT
  21. Introduction To Swing
  22. Collection Framework
  23. Multimedia Experience
  24. Moving from C++ to Java

  • Simple and straightforward approach used to explain the core concepts of Java.
  • Comprehensive and exhaustive coverage - includes additional appendices on keywords, operators and supplementary programs.
  • Contains additional Chapters on ‘Collection Framework’, ‘Abstract Windows Toolkit’, and ‘Multimedia Basics’ to provide an introduction to the more advanced concepts in Java.
  • Collection of academic programs with programs to implement games like Chess, Bridge, & Sudoku.
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