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Discrete Mathematics(Combo), 5/e

Discrete Mathematics(Combo), 5/e
Author(s)  P. Sivaramakrishna Das and C. Vijayakumari
ISBN  9789353060442
Imprint  Pearson Education
Copyright  2018
Pages  784
Binding  Paperback
List Price  Rs. 459.00

Discrete Mathematics, 5e is designed to provide students with extended logical and mathematical maturity and the ability to deal with abstraction. The text introduces the basic terminologies used in computer science courses and application of ideas to solve practical problems. The concepts of combinatorics and graph theory, applications of algebraic structures and the significance of lattices and Boolean algebra have been dealt in detail. The text is also bundled with a supplement that includes  frequently asked questions and answers

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"Prof. P. Sivaramakrishna Das is currently professor of Mathematics at K.C.G. College of Technology, Chennai (a unit of Hindustan Group of Institutions). He has done pioneering doctoral research in the field of "Fuzzy Algebra" in a teaching career spanning over 50 years.

Prof. C. Vijayakumari retired as professor of Mathematics from Queen Mary's College (Autonomous), Chennai. With a teaching experience spanning over 40 years, she is an accomplished teacher of Mathematics and Statistics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also holds a doctorate in Fuzzy Topology.






About the Authors

1. Logic and Proofs

2. Combinatorics

3. Graph Theory

4. Algebraic Structures

5. Lattices and Boolean Algebra


Rich pedagogical features:

• More than 270 solved examples

• More than 150  exercises with answers

• More than 125 Part A questions with answers

• Plenty of hints for problems



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