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Engineering Mathematics, 1/e

Engineering Mathematics, 1/e
Author(s)  P. Sivaramakrishna Das and C. Vijayakumari
ISBN  9789332519121
Imprint  Pearson Education
Copyright  2017
Pages  1664
Binding  Paperback
List Price  Rs. 899.00

Engineering Mathematics is designed to suit the curriculum requirements of undergraduate students of engineering. In their trademark student friendly style, the authors have endeavored to provide an in depth understanding of the concepts. Supported by a variety of solved examples, with reference to appropriate engineering applications, the book delves into the fundamental and theoretical concepts of Algebra, Calculus, Differential equations, Complex analysis, and Series and Transforms and facilitates self-learning.

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Professor P. Sivaramakrishna Das is Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Science and Humanities, K. C. G. College of Technology, Chennai (a unit of Hindustan group of colleges).

Professor C. Vijayakumari is retired Professor of Mathematics, Queen Mary's College, Chennai.




About the Author

1 Matrices

2 Sequences and Series

3 Differential Calculus

4 Application of Differential Calculus

5 Differential Calculus of Several variables

6 Integral Calculus

7 Improper Integrals

8 Multiple Integrals

9 Vector Calculus

10 Ordinary First Order Differential Equations

11 Ordinary Second and Higher Order Differential Equations

12 Applications of Ordinary Differential Equations

13 Series Solution of Differential Equations and Special  functions

14 Partial Differential Equations

15 Analytic Functions 

16 Complex Integration 

17 Fourier Series

18 Fourier Transforms

19 Laplace Transforms

20 Applications of Partial Differential Equations





1. Simple presentation with clarity and rigor

2. Step-by-step approach for problem solving

3. Pedagogically designed for effective learning

4 Over 500 objective type questions

5 Over 1000 solved examples

6 Over 2500 exercise questions with answers


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