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Probability and Random Processes (Anna University), 6/e

Probability and Random Processes (Anna University), 6/e
Author(s)  P. Sivaramakrishna Das
ISBN  9789332542303
Imprint  Pearson Education
Copyright  2015
Pages  450
Binding  Paperback
List Price  Rs. 499.00

This book is designed for the fourth semester course on probability and random processes offered by Anna University. Spread across five units and conforming to the syllabus prescribed, this book presents the important principles, methods and processes of obtaining results in a systematic way with emphasis on clarity and academic rigour.

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Professor P. Sivaramakrishna Das started his career as Assistant Professorof mathematics at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai, his alma mater, and retired as Head of the Department of Mathematics from the same college after putting in 36 years of service. Currently, he is Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Science and Humanities, K. C. G. College of Technology, Chennai (a unit of Hindustan group of colleges).

Professor C. Vijayakumari began her career as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Government Arts College for Women, Thanjavur, and has taught at various government Arts and Science colleges across Tamil Nadu before retiring as Professor of Mathematics, Queen Mary's College, Chennai, after putting in 40 years of service. As visiting professor of mathematics, Prof. Vijayakumari has taught students at two engineering colleges in Chennai. An accomplished teacher of Mathematics and Statistics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, she has also guided several students in their M.Phil. courses.

Along with her husband, Prof. P. Sivaramakrishna Das, she has written several books on Engineering Mathematics.




About the Authors

Probability Basic Ideas

1. Random Variables

2. Two Dimensional Random Variables

3. Random Processes

4. Correlation and Spectral Densities

5. Linear System with Random Inputs

Formulae to Remember

Model Question Paper



• Over 100 Part A questions with answers

• Over 300 solved problems and 200 exercise problems

• Hints have been provided with exercise problems wherever necessary

• A supplement that includes frequently asked questions with the solutions is also provided


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