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Our school division has grown at a rapid pace since its establishment in 2000. We have textbooks catering to both CBSE and ICSE syllabuses in all subjects from the kindergarten to the eighth standard. Our books are extensively researched with feedback from subject experts and reviews from practising school teachers. Following our initiative to provide relevant products for local needs, we have published customized textbooks for schools and state boards, including the Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya Boards of School Education. Going beyond the textbook, our extensive teacher’s training programme has trained more than 15,000 school teachers, principals and school administrators all over India on different subjects like curriculum development and applicability, pedagogy, assessment and subject-specific workshops.

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ISBN Title Author Year Imprint
9789332538825 AT Universal Science (Rev) CTRB 4 Longman 2015 Longman
9789332538832 AT Universal Science (Rev) CTRB 3 Longman 2015 Longman
9789332538900 AT Universal Science (Rev) Teacher's DVD 8 Longman 2015 Longman
9789332542778 Universal Science Teacher's Manual (Rev Edition) 1 Longman 2016 Longman
9788131718995 Longman Active Science 1 Natasha Mehta 2010 Longman
9788131719008 Longman Active Science 2 Natasha Mehta 2010 Longman
9788131719015 Longman Active Science 3 Natasha Mehta 2010 Longman
9788131719022 Longman Active Science 4 Natasha Mehta 2010 Longman
9788131719039 Longman Active Science 5 Natasha Mehta 2010 Longman
9789332521919 ActiveTeach Universal Science 1 Natasha Mehta 2014 Longman
9789332521957 ActiveTeach Universal Science 2 Natasha Mehta 2014 Longman
9789332536852 Universal Science, Revised 1 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332536869 Universal Science, Revised 2 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332536876 Universal Science, Revised 3 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332536883 Universal Science, Revised 4 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332536890 Universal Science, Revised 5 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332538917 ActiveTeach Universal Science 3 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332538924 ActiveTeach Universal Science 4 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332538931 ActiveTeach Universal Science 5 (New Edition) Natasha Mehta 2015 Longman
9789332553712 Revised Longman Active Science 5 Natasha Mehta 2016 Longman
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