Srinivasan Desikan

Srinivasan Desikanis Master Technologist and Senior Architect at HP, Enterprise Servers and Storage, Bangalore, India, and has worked as Director of Quality Assurance and Testing at Talisma, Siebel and Agile Software. He has contributed to several technical and management positions at Novell Inc, Wipro Infotech, and C-DOT and was part of large testing and product development teams. He has been in the field of testing since 1989 and some of those products enjoyed several million customers worldwide. He is well known to the testing community around the world and has vast experience in test automation, test management, test processes, test infrastructure and in setting up test teams from scratch. Holder of couple of patents in software testing, he presented papers on testing in the international testing conferences such as QAI-India,ASIASTAR-2002 (Melbourne), PSQT/PSTT-2003 (Washington), SPIN (Chennai), STeP-IN (Bangalore) and ASIAPAC TC-2010 (Singapore). A post graduate in computer applications from Pondicherry Engineering College, the author is currently serving as adjunct professor at several colleges/universities/institutes to promote Software Testing as a subject. Srinivasan received numerous awards and the most recent being " Thought Leadership" Award for his contribution to Academia & Industry.