Girishwar Misra

Girishwar Misra is Professor and former Head of the Department Psychology, and former Dean, Arts Faculty, at the University of Delhi. During an academic career spanning over three decades, he has taught at Gorakhpur, Allahabad and Bhopal Universities. He was a Fulbright Fellow at Swarthmore College, Philadelphia and at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Professor Misra's teaching and research interests include social psychology, human development, culture, and psychological knowledge. He has been convener and President of the National Academy of Psychology. Apart from numerous publications in national and international journals, he has authored/edited Psychological Consequences of Prolonged Deprivation (with L. B. Tripathi); Deprivation: Its Social Roots and Psychological Consequences (with D. Sinha and R. C. Tripathi); Perspectives on Indigenous Psychology (with A. K. Mohanty); Psychological Perspectives on Health and Stress, Psychology of Poverty and Social Disadvantage (with A. K. Mohanty); Applied Social Psychology in India, New Directions in Indian Psychology, Vol. 1: Social Psychology (with A. K. Dalal); Towards a Culturally Relevant Psychology (with J. Prakash); Rethinking Intelligence (with A. K. Srivastava); and Psychology and Societal Development: Paradigmatic and Social Concerns. Professor Misra is the chief editor of the fifth ICSSR Survey of Psychology and editor of Psychological Studies, a journal of the National Academy of Psychology, India.