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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Mary Sumner
  • Author: Mary Sumner
    • ISBN:9788131702406
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131702405
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    • Pages:208
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
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    This text takes a generic approach to enterprise resource planning systems and their interrelationships, covering all functional areas of this new type of management challenge. It discusses the re-design of business processes, changes in organizational structure, and effective management strategies that will help assure competitiveness, responsiveness, productivity, and global impact for many organizations in the years ahead.

    Table of Content

    1. A Foundation for Understanding Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    2. Re-engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    3. Planning, Design, and Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    4. ERP Systems: Sales and Marketing
    5. ERP Systems: Accounting and Finance
    6. ERP Systems: Production and Materials Management
    7. ERP Systesm: Human Resources
    8. Managing an ERP Project
    9. Supply Chain Management and the eMarketplace

    Salient Features

    • Coverage of all ERP/ERP projects functional areas—Includes production and materials management; sales and marketing; ad accounting and finance.
    • Numerous examples of business requirements—Enhanced through the use of integrated information systems and re-engineered business processes.
    • Customized approaches to ERP development.
    • Coverage of concepts, issues, and applications relevant to newer ERP technologies.
    • Coverage of SDLC.
    • Chapter-opening objectives.
    • Chapter-end exercises.
    • Text-ending integrated case study.