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C++ Primer, 4/e

C++ Primer,  4/e

  • Stanley B. Lippman
  • Josee Lajoie
  • Barbara E Moo
  • Author: Stanley B. Lippman
    • ISBN:9788131710777
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131710777
    • Price:Rs. 850.00
    • Pages:908
    • Imprint:AW Professional
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    C++ Primer, Fourth Edition has been completely revised and rewritten to conform to today's C++ usage. Students new to C++ will find a clear and practically organized introduction to the language enhanced by numerous pedagogical aids. The fourth edition represents a complete restructuring and revision of the Primer. The authors' motivation in this edition is to teach effective styles of modern C++ programming. To this end, they introduce the Standard Library and generic programming much earlier in the text. Many examples have been reformulated to take advantage of library facilities. Their focus is to show how to use the standard library abstractions rather than the low-level facilities built into the language. They've also streamlined and reordered the presentation of language topics.

    Table of Content

    I. The Basics
    1. Variables and Basic Types
    2. Library Types
    3. Arrays and Pointers
    4. Expressions
    5. Statements
    6. Functions
    7. The IO Library
    II. Containers and Algorithms
    1. Sequential Containers
    2. Associative Containers
    3. Generic Algorithms
    III. Classes and Data Abstraction
    1. Classes
    2. Copy Control
    3. Overloaded Operations and Conversions
    IV. Object-Oriented and Generic Programming
    1. Object-Oriented Programming
    2. Templates and Generic Programming
    V. Advanced Topics
    1. Tools for Large Programs
    2. Specialized Tools and Techniques

    Salient Features

    • A favorite choice for a first C++ book--greatly improved and updated for modern C++ programming.
    • Reorganized to better address the novice audience, making it more approachable for non-C programmers.
    • Features many new examples that are less advanced and more accessible to novices as well as experienced programmers--folks who already use C++ need this book too