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Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied

Modern C++ Design:   Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied

  • Andrei Alexandrescu
  • Author: Andrei Alexandrescu
    • ISBN:9788131711156
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131711153
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    • Pages:346
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    In Modern C++ Design, Andrei Alexandrescu opens new vistas for C++ programmers. Displaying extraordinary creativity and programming virtuosity, Alexandrescu offers a cutting-edge approach to design that unites design patterns, generic programming, and C++, enabling programmers to achieve expressive, flexible, and highly reusable code.

    Table of Content

    Part I: Techniques
    1. Policy-Based Class Design.
    2. Techniques.
    3. Typelists
    4. Small-Object Allocation.
    Part II: Components
    1. Generalized Functors.
    2. Implementing Singletons.
    3. Smart Pointers.
    4. Object Factories.
    5. Abstract Factory.
    6. Visitor.
    7. Multimethods.

    Salient Features

    • Introduces generic components, which offer breakthrough power for maximizing expressiveness, flexibility, and reuse of code.
    • Readers will learn exciting, powerful new C++ idioms that will help them master the most modern library writing techniques.
    • Forewords by Scott Meyers (Effective C++), one of the world's leading C++ experts, and by John Vlissides, of the IBM T.J. Watson Research center, one of the world's leading patterns experts.