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Introduction to Data Structures in C

Introduction to Data Structures in C

  • Ashok Kamthane
  • Author: Ashok Kamthane
    • ISBN:9788131713921
    • 10 Digit ISBN:813171392X
    • Price:Rs. 645.00
    • Pages:512
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    Introduction to Data Structures in C is an introductory textbook on the subject. The contents of the book are designed as per the requirement of the syllabus and the students. This book will be useful for students of B.E. (Computer/Electronics), MCA, BCA, M.Sc., B.Sc., and also to students pursuing A-level Course of DOEACC.

    Table of Content

    1. Introduction to Data Structures
    2. Data Structures: Array
    3. Recursion
    4. Stacks
    5. Queues
    6. Static List and Linked List
    7. Storage Management
    8. Trees
    9. Graph
    10. Sorting
    11. Searching

    Salient Features

    • Each theory is supported with programs; concepts are illustrated by excellent examples
    • Algorithms are explored in detail and analysed showing step-by-step solutions to problems
    • Objective type questions have been provided
    • The language is lucid and easy
    • About 200 programs have been solved
    • Diagrams are used extensively throughout the text
    • Numerous theory questions and exercises are included that vary widely in type and difficulty.