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Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++, 3/e

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++,  3/e

  • Mark Allen Weiss
  • Author: Mark Allen Weiss
    • ISBN:9788131714744
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131714748
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    • Pages:606
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    The C++ language is brought up-to-date and simplified, and the Standard Template Library is now fully incorporated throughout the text. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ is logically organized to cover advanced data structures topics from binary heaps to sorting to NP-completeness. Figures and examples illustrating successive stages of algorithms contribute to Weiss' careful, rigorous and in-depth analysis of each type of algorithm.

    Table of Content

    1. Introduction

    2. Algorithm Analysis

    3. Lists, Stacks, and Queues

    4. Trees

    5. Hashing

    6. Priority Queues (Heaps)

    7. Sorting

    8. The Disjoint Set Class

    9. Graph Algorithms

    10. Algorithm Design Techniques

    11. Amortized Analysis

    12. Advanced Data Structures and Implementation

    Salient Features

    • Discussion of algorithm and design techniques covers greedy algorithms, divide and conquer algorithms, dynamic programming, randomized algorithms, and backtracking.
    • Covers topics and data structures such as Fibonacci heaps, skew heaps, binomial queue, skip lists and splay trees.