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A Textbook of Economic Theory, 5/e

A Textbook of Economic Theory,  5/e

  • Alfred W. Stonier
  • Douglas C. Hague
  • Author: Alfred W. Stonier
    • ISBN:9788131717257
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131717259
    • Price:Rs. 895.00
    • Pages:724
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    This book is for students with little or no previous knowledge of economic theory who intend to study the subject systematically and provides a general introduction to the theory while not including the special problems of international trade, public finance and welfare economics. Some parts of the book will be useful to more advanced students. The changes in this edition concentrate on the developments in macro-economic theory resulting from the interaction recently between the ‘monetarists' and ‘Keynesians', and one chapter now gives an account of ‘monetarism' and the succeeding chapter presents the refinements and extension of Kaynes' own ideas.

    Table of Content

    I: Micro-economic Theory
    1. Demand and Supply
    2. Consumer’s Demand
    3. Indifference Curve Analysis
    4. Revealed Preferences
    5. Equilibrium of the Firm
    6. Competitive Industry
    7. Competitive Equilibrium
    8. Monopoly
    9. Monopolistic Competition
    10. Laws of Returns
    11. Marginal Productivity
    12. Wages
    13. Rent
    14. Interest
    15. Profits
    16. Interrelations between Factors and Markets
    II: Macro-economic Theory
    1. General Equilibrium and Employment
    2. Money
    3. Employment and Income
    4. Consumption
    5. Investment
    6. The rate of Interest
    7. The Macro-economic System
    8. Keynes, the ‘Classical’ Economists and the Monetarists
    9. Keynes and the ‘Keynesians’
    III: The Theory of Growth
    1. Some Basic Concepts
    2. A Simple Growth Model
    3. Technical Progress and capital Accumulation

    Salient Features