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Organization Theory: Structure, Design, and Applications, 3/e

Organization Theory:  Structure, Design, and Applications,  3/e

  • Stephen P. Robbins
  • Mary Mathew
  • Author: Stephen P. Robbins
    • ISBN:9788131717301
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131717305
    • Price:Rs. 629.00
    • Pages:380
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    This book is a South Asian adaptation of the third edition of Stephen P. Robbins's bestselling American text Organization Theory: Structure, Design, and Applications. The book focuses on the basic concepts of organization theory that all students need in order to build a strong foundation in the management sciences. This third revised edition retains Robbins's unparalleled style of presentation and management-oriented content that helps readers understand how the principles of structure and design are being applied in organizations operating across the global landscape.

    With its new look, this adapted edition provides a fresh perspective for the reader into how “organization theory” has been applied by the organizational sector in India. The step-by-step analyses of the theoretical concepts have been taken a step further by the examples used. In-depth studies of organizations, such as the Reliance Group, ECIL, ITC, Aravind Eye Care, BHEL, United Breweries Group, help readers by providing them with an insight into the fine blend of the concepts and the practical applications of organization theory.

    Table of Content

    Part I : Introduction: What's It All About
    1. An Overview
    2. The Evolution of Organization Theory
    3. Organizational Effectiveness
    4. Dimensions of Organization Structure
    Part II : The Determinants: What Causes Structure
    1. Organization Size
    2. Technology
    3. Environment
    4. Power-Control
    Part III : Organizational Design: Choosing the Right Structural Form
    1. Organizational Design Options
    2. Bureaucracy: A Closer Look
    3. Adhocracy: A Closer Look
    Part IV : Applications: Contemporary Issues In Organization Theory
    1. Managing the Environment
    2. Managing Organizational Change
    3. Managing Organizational Conflict
    4. Managing Organizational Culture
    5. Managing Organizational Evolution
    Part V : Applications: Cases In Organization Theory

    Salient Features

    • Chapter-opening Vignettes provide commentaries on the key concept of the chapter.
    • OT Close-Up boxes illustrate the theory with case studies from the Western as well as the Asian business world.
    • Summaries help the reader to revise and recapitulate.
    • For Review and Discussion allows the reader to analyze and apply organizational skills.
    • Cases in Organization Theory includes a set of eighteen long case studies that further emphasize the importance of organization theory within the management sciences.
    • Companion Web site provides a comprehensive Lesson Plan for the instructors and PowerPoint slides for the students.