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Professional Front Office Management

Professional Front Office Management

  • Robert H. Woods
  • Jack D. Ninemeier
  • David K. Hayes
  • Michele A. Austin
  • Author: Robert H. Woods
    • ISBN:9788131717486
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131717488
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    • Pages:704
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    Appropriate for the Front Office Operations or Front Desk Operations course in Hospitality Management departments.

    The text details policies and procedures that address the department's critical role of serving guests, coordinating employee communication and utilizing technology to benefit guests, staff and owners. The front office is the "hub" of the property's communications and operations systems and usually the first point of contact for a hotel guest.

    Table of Content

    Section 1: The Context of Front Office Operations
      Chapter 1: Overview of the Lodging Industry Chapter 2: Front Office and the Guests: Planning for Quality Service Chapter 3: Overview of the Front Office Department
    Section 2: Technology Helps Front Office Operations
      Chapter 4: The Front Office Property Management System (PMS) Chapter 5: Managing Forecast Data Chapter 6: Revenue Management Chapter 7: Distribution Channel Management Chapter 8: Management of Data Generating Front Office Sub-Systems
    Section 3: Front Office and the Guest Cycle
      Chapter 9: Reservation, Reception and Room Assignment Management Chapter 10: Front Office and the Guests: Delivering Quality Service Chapter 11: Guest Charges, Payments and Check-Out Chapter 12: Night Audit and Report Management
    Section 4: Special Front Office Concerns
      Chapter 13: The Front Office Manager and the Law Chapter 14: Front Office: The Hub of the Hotel Glossary

    Salient Features

    The text is written with the context that the Front Office Department's primary function is to "connect" the property and its employees with the guests.
    • An emphasis on providing guest service.

    • Facilitating the work of employees in other departments as they provide service.

    • Using technology to meet the needs of guests and hotel employee peers.

    • The Context of Front Office Operations.

    • Technology Helps Front Office Operations.

    • Front Office and the Guest Cycle

    • Special Front Office Concerns.