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Longman Active Maths 5

Longman Active Maths 5

  • Rohit Khurana
  • Author: Rohit Khurana
    • ISBN:9788131718940
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131718948
    • Price:Rs. 345.00
    • Pages:236
    • Imprint:Longman
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    Longman Active Maths is a series of textbooks meant from the pre-primary level to Class 8. It is based on the National Curriculum Framework Guidelines. The thrust of the course is to enable children understand mathematical concepts easily, without being weighed down by the serious nature of the subject. Each concept and process that is part of the primary school mathematics syllabus has been touched upon and dealt with effectively and interestingly. The books look at what mathematics really is and the importance of mathematics in our real-world existence.

    Table of Content

    1. Numbers
    2. Four Operations
    3. Factors and Multiples
    4. Mental Arithmetic
    5. Fractions
    6. Decimal
    7. Geometry I
    8. Geometry II
    9. Money
    10. Measurement
    11. Perimeter, Area and Volume
    12. Time
    13. Data Handling
    14. Patterns

    Salient Features

    • Well laid out and beautifully illustrated Primer introduces the learners to the world of numbers.
    • Notes for the teacher in the pre-primary level and class 1 act as guidelines and provide support while teaching. From class 2 onwards, these act as tips for the teachers and students alike on related topics.
    • Let us revise revisits the concept/concepts already learnt.
    • Try this! activities break the monotony of exercises and test application.
    • Remember lays stress upon the concept learnt.
    • Interesting facts engage the students with extra information n about the topic.
    • Solved examples help in assimilation and retention of new topics.
    • Exercises help to build confidence in the subject through ample practice questions.
    • Worksheets and Model Test Papers at the end of the book are provided for recapitulation and self-evaluation.