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Corporate Ethics, Governance, and Social Responsibility: Precepts and Practices

Corporate Ethics, Governance, and Social Responsibility:   Precepts and Practices

  • A.C. Fernando
  • Author: A.C. Fernando
    • ISBN:9788131724101
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131724107
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    • Pages:200
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Hardback
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    Is profit-making the only goal of a business? Should an unbridled market mechanism drive corporate enterprise? To what extent should corporations compensate for the manifest and hidden costs that are incurred by the society at large? These are some of the questions that have engaged specialist economists, business barons, corporate heads and management experts for decades. A consensus has emerged that corporate practices cannot bypass the fundamental demands of ethical behaviour, that administration and policies of governance have to be more transparent and publicly accountable, and that businesses must be sensitive to the community and environment within which they are established. This has led to the emergence of three key concepts of contemporary businesses, namely, business or corporate ethics, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility.

    Table of Content

    1. Corporate Ethics, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Indivisible Package
    2. Ethical Business and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Long-term Perspective
    3. Ethical Challenges in the Financial Sector – I
    4. Ethical Challenges in the Financial Sector – II
    5. Ethical Challenges in Marketing – I
    6. Ethical Challenges in Marketing – II
    7. Ethical Challenges in Advertising
    8. Morality, Trust and Integrity: The Foundations of Business Ethics
    9. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Southeast Asian Context.
    10. Ethical Challenges in Business
    11. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Competitive Tool for Corporate Excellence
    12. Corporate Social Responsibility: The NTPC Model
    13. Corporate Governance: Precepts and Practices – I
    14. Corporate Governance: Precepts And Practices – II
    15. Challenges and Opportunities for Corporate Governance In India
    16. Business Ethics and the Media

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