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Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior, 5/e

Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior,  5/e

  • Jennifer George
  • Gareth R. Jones
  • Author: Jennifer George
    • ISBN:9788131724965
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131724964
    • Price:Rs. 1020.00
    • Pages:712
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior provides an authoritative and practical introduction to the subject—Organizational Behavior. A cutting-edge coverage of topics and issues combined with a wealth of learning tools and examples help students to experience behaviors in organizations and guide them to become better managers. In this fifth edition, the authors, George and Jones, merge comprehensive coverage with outstanding applications to illustrate how to manage the growing challenges associated with working in modem virtual organizations.

    Table of Content

    1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior
    2. Individual Differences: Personality and Ability 03. Values, Attitudes, and Moods and Emotions
    3. Perception, Attribution, and the Management of Diversity
    4. Learning and Creativity
    5. The Nature of Work Motivation
    6. Creating a Motivating Work Setting
    7. Pay, Careers, and Changing Employment Relationships
    8. Managing Stress and Work-Llife Balance
    9. The Nature of Work Groups and Teams
    10. Effective Work Groups and Teams
    11. Leaders and Leadership
    12. Power, Politics, Conflict, and Negotiation
    13. Communicating Effectively in Organizations
    14. Cost Management Concepts and Cost Behavior
    15. Decision Making and Organizational Learning
    16. Organizational Design and Structure
    17. Organizational Culture and Ethical Behavior
    18. Organizational Change and Development
    19. Research Methods in Organizational Behavior

    Salient Features

    • Ethics, ethical behavior, and social responsibility
    • Opportunities and challenges posed by globalization and diversity in understanding and managing organizational behavior today
    • ‘Ethics in Action’ Boxes: Discussions of current events and issues that encourage the student to think about and discuss organizational ethics and morality
    • New York Times Cases in the News: Recent articles from the New York Times, which illustrate chapter content, show chapter content in a different and relevant light, and illuminate some of the challenges and opportunities for OB related to the chapter content
    • Experiential Exercises: An in-depth, team-based exercise at the end of each chapter, which presents Students with a real-life problem in organizational behavior that they address based on the chapter content
    • Chapter-opening vignettes describe realistic business problems