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Global Marketing

Global Marketing

  • Svend Hollensen
  • Madhumita Banerjee
  • Author: Svend Hollensen
    • ISBN:9788131728147
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131728145
    • Price:Rs. 935.00
    • Pages:792
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Drawing on an incomparable breadth of international examples, Global Marketing not only demonstrates how global marketing works, but also how it relates to real decisions around the world. Written from the perspective of firms competing in international markets, irrespective of their country of origin, this book provides a complete and concentrated overview of the total international planning process.

    Table of Content

    Part I: The Decision whether to Internationalize
    1. Global marketing in the firm
    2. Initiation of internationalization
    3. Internationalization theories
    4. Development of the firm’s international competitiveness
    Part II: Deciding Which Markets to Enter
    1. Global marketing research
    2. The political and economic environment
    3. The sociocultural environment
    4. The international market selection process
    Part III: Market Entry Strategies
    1. Some approaches to the choice of entry mode
    2. Export modes
    3. Intermediate entry modes
    4. Hierarchical modes
    5. International sourcing decisions and the role of the subsupplier
    Part IV: Designing the Global Marketing Programme
    1. Product decisions
    2. Pricing decisions and the terms of doing business
    3. Distribution decisions
    4. Communication decisions (promotion strategies)
    Part V: Implementing and Coordinating the Global Marketing Programme
    1. Cross-cultural sales negotiations
    2. Organization and control of the global marketing programme
    3. Global e-marketing

    Salient Features

    • A truly global marketing book, with new up-to-date cases and exhibits from all parts of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East, North and South America and India.
    • Special focus on India, with several cases, exhibits and sections based on contemporary Indian organizations and their global marketing issues.
    • Extensive coverage of hot topics such as blue ocean strategy, celebrity branding, brand piracy, and viral marketing.
    • Coverage of the emerging market economies, global buyer–seller relationships and focus on SMEs as global marketing players.
    • A value chain approach (including both the traditional product value chain and the service value chain) along with the decision/ ‘action’-oriented approach.