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Cost Accounting: Principles and Practice

Cost Accounting:   Principles and Practice

  • Manash Dutta
  • Author: Manash Dutta
    • ISBN:9788131729038
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131729036
    • Price:Rs. 589.00
    • Pages:880
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    The primary market is B.Com Pass and Honours, and professional examinations like CA, ICWA, CS, and CFA. The secondary market is Postgraduate courses in Business.

    Cost Accounting: Principles and Practice is a comprehensive textbook designed to help students understand the concepts, theories and practice underlying cost accounting in a systematic manner. It provides the readers with adequate skills in the areas of cost bookkeeping, cost accumulation, cost apportionment, cost analysis, cost control, and cost audit of an enterprise. It will enable the readers to generate information pertaining to inventory valuation, revenue decisions (product-mix decisions, profit-volume decisions and pricing decisions), cost control and diagnosis (diagnosing unsatisfactory situations).

    The book covers all the topics of undergraduate commerce and management courses, offered by Indian universities/management institutes. It will amply meet the requirements of other related professional courses including CA, CS, CAIIB, CFA and ICWA.

    Table of Content

    Part 1: Cost Accounting Fundamentals. 1. Overview of Cost Accounting. 2. Direct Material. 3. Direct Labour and Direct Expenses. 4. Overheads: Classification, Distribution and Control. 5. Administration, Selling and Distribution Overheads. Part 2: Cost Accounting Methods. 6. Job, Batch and Backflush Costing 7. Contract Costing. 8. Service and Output Costing. 9. Process Costing. 10. Cost Accounting Records. 11. Integrated Accounting System. Part 3: Cost Allocation and Accumulation. 12. Joint Products and Byproducts: Costing and Other Aspects. Part 4: Budgets and Standards as Keys to Planning and Control. 13. Budgetary Control Systems. 14. Standard Costing. Part 5: Cost Information for Various Decisions and Control Purposes. 15. Marginal Costing. 16. Break-even and Cost Volume Analysis. 17. Relevant Costs and Decision Making. Part 6: Cost Accounting Techniques. 18. Uniform Costing and Inter-firm Comparisons. 19. Cost Audit. 20. Presentation of Cost and Financial Information to Management. Part 7: Special Topics. 21. Learning Curve Model. 22. Cost Control and Cost Reduction. 23. Inflation Costing.

    Salient Features

    • Contains a large number of real-life, illustrative solved examples.
    • Step-by-step explanation of concepts and principles supported with numerous examples.
    • Solved examples and problems from various universities and professional examinations.
    • Problems have been class tested for over a decade.
    • Multiple-Choice Questions.
    • Theoretical Questions (University Examinations).
    • Theoretical Questions (Professional Examinations).
    • Formulae.
    • Solved Problems of Past Examinations.
    • Exercises.