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The Secrets of Success in Management: 20 Ways to Survive and Thrive

The Secrets of Success in Management:   20 Ways to Survive and Thrive

  • Andrew Leigh
  • Author: Andrew Leigh
    • ISBN:9788131729281
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131729281
    • Price:Rs. 469.00
    • Pages:304
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    The book is divided into 20 bite-size chapters that provide proven techniques, hints, tips, ideas and know-how that you can use immediately to get you on the road to successful management. Learn how to: Manage your team Give powerful presentations Listen effectively Solve problems Handle stress Win respect and acquire influence Negotiate to win Manage Yourself and much more.

    Table of Content

    Part I: Manage Self
    1. Cultivate Emotional intelligence
    2. Listen Actively
    3. Handle Stress
    4. Give Powerful Presentations
    5. Network Actively
    6. Write With Impact
    Part II: Manage Others
    1. Show Leadership
    2. Manage Your team
    3. Manage your boss
    4. Review Performance
    5. Coach For Results
    6. Negotiate Successfully
    7. Deal With Problem People
    Part III: The Organisation
    1. Manage Time and Goals
    2. Manage Change
    3. Make Decisions
    4. Inspire Meetings
    5. Encourage creativity and innovation
    6. Select & Recruit
    7. Persuade and Influence

    Salient Features

    • It brings together the most important issues in management today in 20 key pieces of advice.
    • It is based on over 35 years of management experience.
    • Practical, light and easy read: Chapters can be read as stand alone advice.
    • The second title to publish in ‘The Secrets of Success’ series – The Secrets of Success at Work which published in May 2008.
    • The Management market is continuing to grow year on year with practical management books dominating the market..