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Psychology for Nurses

Psychology for Nurses

  • Charles G. Morris
  • Girishwar Misra
  • Albert A. Maisto
  • Author: Charles G. Morris
    • ISBN:9788131732168
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131732169
    • Price:Rs. 319.00
    • Pages:260
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    Based on the latest syllabus by the Indian Nursing Council, Psychology for Nurses is a text primarily targeted at the students pursuing B.Sc. in nursing. Designed to facilitate and complement the training of a nurse by creating awareness of and interest in psychology, this textbook provides an introduction to key topics such as the biological basis of behavior, perception, learning, memory, communication, intelligence, and aptitude. This book is written in an easy-to-understand and a lucid style, and deals with concepts of motivation, conflicts and their resolution, personality, and life-span development. Separate chapters on attitude, group psychology, psychological assessment, and the role of a nurse have also been included. Several illustrations, figures, tables, and key terms have been provided in the chapters to aid understanding and recapitulation. Review questions and multiple-choice questions are included at the end of each chapter to test the students' grasp of the concepts learned.

    Table of Content

    1. Introduction
    2. The Genetic and Biological Bases of Behavior
    3. Sensory and Perceptual Processes
    4. Learning
    5. Memory
    6. Thinking, Language, and Communication
    7. Intelligence and Aptitude
    8. Motivation and Emotion
    9. Stress and Coping
    10. Personality
    11. Life-span Development
    12. Mental Hygiene, Mental Health, and Positive Psychology
    13. Psychological Disorders and Therapies
    14. Attitudes
    15. Group Psychology

    Salient Features

    • The characteristics nurses need to develop to better care for their patients. Some of these are: care, responsibility, sensitivity, collegial interdependence, emotional intelligence, and effective communication and decision making
    • The fact that heath behavior is moderated by beliefs about health and illness
    • The need to form some sort of relationship with patients while remaining objective
    • The future of the nursing profession in India