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The ACE of Soft Skills: Attitude, Communication and Etiquette for Success

The ACE of Soft Skills:   Attitude, Communication and Etiquette for Success

  • Gopalaswamy Ramesh
  • Mahadevan Ramesh
  • Author: Gopalaswamy Ramesh
    • ISBN:9788131732854
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131732851
    • Price:Rs. 650.00
    • Pages:472
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    Our world is witnessing a major change in communication patterns, with expanding social spheres, openness in communication and professionals working in multicultural environments. It is crucial, therefore, that India's workforce remains world-class, through re-training and continuous improvement, to remain competent, competitive and successful. To create and nurture successful professionals, the acquisition, cultivation and fine-tuning of soft skills are highly essential in the given business paradigm.

    The ACE of Soft Skills is a part of this educational process that produces top-notch professionals. Divided into three parts—Attitude, Communication and Etiquette—this unique book provides a broad-based coverage of what constitute soft skills. The foundations of soft skills lie in a strong attitude; this attitude gets manifested as communication, which gets further refined as etiquette.

    This book covers a wide range of topics—a gamut of nearly 40 essential soft skills—including personal accountability, listening skills, business proposals, and the role of small talk and humour at work. The numerous case studies, cartoons, figures, tables and quotations not only offer an insightful, practical and well-rounded perspective into soft skills, but also make reading a joyful experience.

    Table of Content

    1. Let Us Get Started!
    Part I: Attitude
    1. Big Picture, Pride, Passion and Process
    2. Vision
    3. Personal Accountability
    4. Teamwork and You
    5. Diversity Awareness
    6. Lifelong Learning
    7. Performance Expectations Management
    8. The Art of Time Management
    9. Stepping Up to the Plate
    10. When Things Go Way Wrong at the Workplace
    11. Tying It All Together: Work Your Way to Success
    Part II: Communication
    1. Understanding the Communication Cycle
    2. Distortion in Communication
    3. The ‘Why’ and ‘To Whom’ Parts of Communication:
    4. Knowing the Objective of Communication and Audience Analysis
    5. Preparing for the Communication
    6. Listening Skills
    7. Body Language
    8. Vocal Variety: Using the Voice Channel
    9. Visual Aids
    10. Putting It All Together
    11. Resume Writing
    12. Interviews
    13. Meetings
    14. Proposals
    15. Status Reports
    16. Giving and Receiving Feedback
    17. Performance Appraisals
    18. How to Present Bad News
    19. Presenting to the Senior Management
    Part III: Etiquette
    1. Phone Etiquette
    2. E-mail Etiquette
    3. Foreign Business Trips
    4. Visits of Foreign Counterparts
    5. The Big Deal About Small Talk
    6. Respecting Privacy
    7. Learning to Say ‘No’
    8. The Role of Humour in the Workplace
    9. English-language Skills
    10. Reach for the Moon

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