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Essentials of Management, 6/e

Essentials of Management,  6/e

  • Stephen P. Robbins
  • David A. DeCenzo
  • Madhushree Nanda Agarwal
  • Sanghamitra Bhattacharyya
  • Author: Stephen P. Robbins
    • ISBN:9788131733547
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131733548
    • Price:Rs. 599.00
    • Pages:416
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    This streamlined volume covers the principle concepts of management to provide readers with a solid foundation for understanding key issues in the subject. Organized around the four traditional functions of management–planning, organizing, leading and controlling— it reflects current trends in management and organizations, and presents the latest research studies in the field.

    Table of Content

    PART I: Introduction
    1. Managers and Management
    2. The Management Environment
    PART II: Planning
    1. Foundations of Planning
    2. Foundations of Decision Making
    PART III: Organizing
    1. Basic Organization Designs
    2. Staffing and Human Resource Management
    3. Managing Change, Stress, and Innovation
    PART IV: Leading
    1. Foundations of Individual and Group Behavior
    2. Understanding Work Teams
    3. Motivating and Rewarding Employees
    4. Leadership and Trust
    5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    PART V: Controlling
    1. Foundations of Control
    2. Operations Management

    Salient Features

    • Offers students a wider coverage of practical tools to practice their management skills than any other textbook
    • Essential concepts of management are explained to the students in interesting ways. For instance, the text is peppered with tidbits of information like
      • Why Pepsi would assist its rival, Coke, when the latter’s product recipe was stolen
      • How companies like GE are actively recruiting global leaders, especially in China
    • Includes management concepts applicable to those interested in working for small businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, or not-for-profit organizations
    • Gives insights on how to adjust one’s practices to suit differing cultures around the world