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Principles of Management: Text and Cases

Principles of Management:   Text and Cases

  • Dipak Bhattacharyya
  • Author: Dipak Bhattacharyya
    • ISBN:9788131754214
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131754219
    • Price:Rs. 760.00
    • Pages:488
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Principles of Management: Text and Cases introduces students to the fundamentals of management through a balanced blend of theory and practice. The opening vignettes and cases depict real-world situations and problems that managers face while highlighting the management practices of successful Indian and foreign companies. Samples of a leave policy, a strategy and action plan for human resource management, an application blank, and a code of ethics are appended to a few chapters to further illustrate the way organizations function. In addition to the concepts, the book also delves into the various academic perspectives that have evolved over time to provide the readers an integrated view of different approaches to management.

    Table of Content

  • Preface
    1. Introduction to Management
    2. Organizational Planning
    3. Organizing
    4. Staffing in Organizations
    5. Directing Through Motivation
    6. Directing Through Leadership
    7. Introduction to Control
    8. Coordination in Organizations
    9. Organizational Forms
    10. Business Environment and Social Responsibility
    11. Ethics and Values in Organizations
    12. Communication and Negotiation in Organizations
    13. Organizational Systems, Structure, and Design
    14. Technology Management in Organizations
    15. Globalization and Business Organizations
    16. Organizational Culture
    17. Managing Conflict and Stress in Organizations
    18. Individual Behaviour and its Characteristics
    19. Managing People in Groups
    20. Capability Development, Innovation, and Creativity
    21. Quality Management Practices in Organizations
  • Index
  • Salient Features

    • Two unique topics: Explores the role of negotiations in business communication and the need for capability development within organizations to ensure sustained growth
    • Learning tools: Uses several tools such as learning objectives, opening vignettes, figures, tables, key terms, chapter summaries, review questions, and critical thinking questions to help students grasp concepts
    • India-centric case studies: Features closing cases depicting real-life situations and successful managerial practices in organizations to foster a hands-on learning approach
    • The teaching and learning package: IncludesPower Point Slides for instructors and managerial skill-development techniques and methodologies of management research for studenst as downloadable resources.