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Earthworks 3

Earthworks 3

  • Mandeepa Kaur
  • Harpreet Ahuja
  • Jyoti Jain
  • Author: Mandeepa Kaur
    • ISBN:9788131755815
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131755819
    • Price:Rs. 260.00
    • Pages:128
    • Imprint:Longman
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available
    • With   CD

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    We inhabit a world characterized by transience, change and instability. As a result, our natural environment too, is in a constant state of flux and alteration. To make sense of these changing times, we need sound knowledge of what constitutes our environment and its dynamic nature. Earthworks (1-5) provides young learners the platform to understand their environment, its gifts, its present condition, and at the same time, its future. With its interactive approach, the series presents all the elements and components of the environment and seeks to develop consciousness and love for the invaluable riches that we derive from our environment. The aim of the series is to help young learners grow into responsible and reliable citizens of the world.

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