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The IPL Story

The IPL Story

  • Abhishek Dubey
  • Author: Abhishek Dubey
    • ISBN:9788131758007
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131758001
    • Price:Rs. 250.00
    • Pages:220
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    The IPL extravaganza had transformed the world of cricket and captured the imaginations of cricket lovers like never before. Yet, after a mere three years, the innovation that had seemed to herald a new dawn in sport has degenerated into a series of accusations and counter-accusations, allegations of corruption, and never-ending controversies. What went wrong? And is it at all possible for the IPL to survive this debacle?

    The IPL Story documents how one journalist, Abhishek Dubey from IBN7, tracked the controversy from the very beginning. He uses interviews, the results of investigative research, intriguing background information on key players, and sneak peeks into the workings of sports journalism to provide an exciting account of one of cricket's historic moments. Thoughtful quotes by stalwarts in journalism and the cricketing fraternity add insight and useful pointers towards the direction cricket, and the IPL in particular, is likely to take in the years to come.

    Table of Content

    Foreword by Rajdeep Sardesai
    Preface and Acknowledgements
    1. The Early Days
    2. The Sunanda Pushkar Story
    3. The Lalit Modi Saga
    4. Rendezvous and the Kochi Consortium
    5. Kochi Who’s Who
    6. The IPL Tsunami Strikes in Mumbai
    7. The Dharamshala Angle
    8. The Mad Sunday
    9. Countdown to 26/4
    10. At the Four Seasons
    11. The Twist in the BCCI Tale
    12. IPL Awards—The Beginning of the End
    13. The Enigma Called Lalit Modi
    14. Rajasthan and Modi’s Rise to Power
    15. On Cheerleading and Parties
    16. Satyam and IPL—How They Flattered to Deceive
    17. From Cricket Superpower to Global Power
    18. The Road Ahead

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