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Introduction to Information Technology

Introduction to Information Technology

  • ITL Education Solutions Limited
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    • ISBN:9788131760291
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131760294
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    • Pages:788
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    Keeping pace with the continuously changing trends in IT field, this new edition of Introduction to Information Technology incorporates the major changes that have taken place in the field of information technology since the release of its first edition, including not only the latest trends but also future technologies. The coverage of practical and historic perspectives on information technology demonstrates how concepts are applied to real systems and shows their evolution since its beginnings. Written in a clear, concise and lucid manner, each chapter is designed to be covered in two or three lectures while keeping inter-chapter dependencies to a minimum.

    Table of Content

    1. Computer Basics
    2. Computer Organisation and Architecture
    3. Computer Memory and Storage
    4. Input Output Media
    5. Operating System
    6. Microsoft Windows XP
    7. Overview of Microsoft Windows 7
    8. Information Technology Basics
    9. Multimedia Essentials
    10. Computer Programming and Languages
    11. Computer Software
    12. Introduction to Microsoft Office 2007
    13. Microsoft Office Word 2003
    14. Microsoft Office Excel 2003
    15. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
    16. Data Communication and Computer Networks
    17. The Network
    18. Internet Tools
    19. Computer Security
    20. Database Fundamentals
    21. Structured Query Language (SQL)
    22. Microsoft Office Access 2003
    23. Current and Future Trends in IT
    24. Artificial Intelligence

    Salient Features

    • Complete coverage of the course of various universities across India
    • Inclusion of current advances like: IPTV, Blogging, RFID, Brain Computer Interface
    • Exhaustive discussion on MS Office 2003
    • Discussion on Windows 7
    • Coverage on MS Office 2007
    • Excellent pedagogy: Chapter openers, Chapter objectives, Fact files and things to remember, Further reading, Exercises