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Political Theory

Political Theory

  • Hoveyda Abbas
  • Ranjay Kumar
  • Author: Hoveyda Abbas
    • ISBN:9788131760819
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131760812
    • Price:Rs. 459.00
    • Pages:400
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    Political science is the study and analysis of the theory and practice of politics. Political theory is about description, observation, analysis and inquiry into the issues of political science. Divided into 15 chapters, Political Theory captures all relevant aspects of political science and analyses them in the light of examples from India and the rest of the world. Through a thorough examination of various political institutions, the role of different social groups and the evolution of our politics, this book will help students understand the basic concepts and notions of political theory, and illustrate how these concepts apply to political systems across the world.

    Table of Content

    About the Author


    1 Introduction

    2 Approaches, Methods and Models of Political Study and Analysis

    3 Concept of the State in Political Theory

    4 Perspectives and Theories on the State

    5 Concept of Sovereignty in Political Theory

    6 Concept of Sovereignty Challenged

    7 Principle of Liberty and Freedom

    8 Principle of Rights

    9 Principle of Equality

    10 Principle of Justice

    11 Concept and Theories of Democracy

    12 Political Obligation, Resistance and Revolution

    13 Theories of Power, Dominance and Hegemony

    14 Theory of Political Culture

    15 Theories of Political Economy



    Salient Features

    • Analysis of the theory and practice of politics

    • Methods and models of political study

    • Illustration of how concepts apply to political systems across the world

    • Plenty of examples and cases from across the world

    • Questions at the end of each chapter