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  • Errol D'Souza
  • Author: Errol D'Souza
    • ISBN:9788131761014
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131761010
    • Price:Rs. 795.00
    • Pages:456
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    The revised and updated second edition of Errol D'Souza's Macroeconomics presents the connections between theoretical frameworks and the actual behaviour of the economy in a more comprehensive manner. It enables instructors to teach relevant concepts within the context of both the Indian and the global economy, and at the same time provides policymakers with material from current research in macroeconomics.

    Table of Content

    • Macroeconomics—What Is It About?
    • Savings, the Balance of Payments, and the Money Supply
    • Consumption
    • Investment
    • The Trade Balance and Exchange Rates
    • The Demand for Money
    • The Labour Market
    • The IS-LM Model
    • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
    • More on Unemployment
    • Open Economy: The Mundell-Fleming Model
    • Stabilization and Government Deficits
    • Monetary Policy Objectives and Targets
    • Economic Growth
    • Recent Development in Macroeconomics

    Salient Features

    • One new chapter on the latest developments in the field of macroeconomics, including the recent global financial crisis as well as current problems in the area of macroeconomic policy and theory
    • More streamlined content to make macroeconomics easily accessible to the student and the general reader
    • MacroFocus boxes and marginalia that recreate instructor-student interactions by providing definitions, current trends, and further details
    • Graphs and figures, based on data taken from organizations such as the RBI and CSO, to represent theory in terms of Indian data 
    • Test Yourself and Online Application problems for students' review
    • Instructor's manual with explanations and additional points for classroom discussions
    • A companion Web site with key topics presented through effective animations and PowerPoint lecture slides