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Case Studies in Marketing Management

Case Studies in Marketing Management

  • S. Ramesh Kumar
  • Author: S. Ramesh Kumar
    • ISBN:9788131761397
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131761398
    • Price:Rs. 599.00
    • Pages:392
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    Emerging markets have generated tremendous interest among practitioners as well as academics throughout the world. The Indian context—with its diversity of cultures, luxury markets, huge population of consumers at the lower strata of economy, a youth population that is greater than most countries in the world and the impact of westernization—poses certain marketing challenges that are even more complex than those that are generally associated with emerging markets in general. Students of management are expected to be well aware of the unique challenges of these markets when they go through any management program.

    Case Studies in Marketing Management provides a rich set of cases that are structured to be compatible with any textbook in the basic marketing course. Several cases are drawn from the renowned Ivey Business Case collection in discussion with Prof. Paul Beamish, based on his intricate understanding of the emerging markets, and the editor's rich academic experience with regard to the Indian context. The cases were selected specifically to blend theory with practice, with a difficulty level that encourages effective comprehension of the issues involved. The Indian cases added to the collection illustrate the finer aspects that a management student needs to be aware of while dealing with the Indian context.

    Indian business schools have suffered a dearth of Indian cases, especially ones that offer consumer insights that challenge students. This book fills this lacuna with a number of real-life cases on the Indian context, allowing students to appreciate and compare the different challenges that marketers face the emerging Indian scenario.

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    Case 1 Shanghai Jahwa: Liushen Shower Cream (A)
    Case 2 HyundaiCard's Marketing Strategy
    Case 3 ITC in Rural India
    Case 4 Ontario Machinery Ring (A): Problem Definition
    Case 5 Cineplex Entertainment: The Loyalty Program
    Case 6 Super Shampoo Products and the Indian Mass Market
    Case 7 Tinplate Company of India: Need for a Conceptual Focus
    Case 8 Shoppers Stop: Targeting the Young
    Case 9 Air Miles Canada: Rebranding the Air Miles Reward Program
    Case 10 Kids Market Consulting
    Case 11 The Wii: Nintendo's Video Game Revolution
    Case 12 SaskTel
    Case 13 Hanson Production: Pricing for Opening Day
    Case 14 Synnex International: Transforming Distribution of High-tech Products
    Case 15 Shiny Provision Store: Retailing Challenges in the Indian Context
    Case 16 The Brand in the Hand: Mobile Marketing at Adidas
    Case 17 Nike Inc.: Developing an Effective Public Relations Strategy
    Case 18 Spectrum Brands, Inc.: The Sales Force Dilemma
    Case 19 Launch of the Ford Fiesta Diesel: The World's Most Efficient Car
    Case 20 Dabur India Ltd.: Globalization
    Case 21 Sat & Co.: Market Orientation
    Case 22 Infosys: The Challenge of Global Branding
    Case 23 Nano Tata-Logy: The People's Car
    Case 24 Louis Vuitton in India
    Case 25 Romantic Rides or Fiery Thrills: Positioning a Motorcycle Brand in the Indian Context

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