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Test Automation and QTP (QTP 9.2, QTP 9.5, QTP 10.0 and Functional Test 11.0) – Excel with Ease

Test Automation and QTP (QTP 9.2, QTP 9.5, QTP 10.0 and Functional Test 11.0) – Excel with Ease

  • Rajeev Gupta
  • Author: Rajeev Gupta
    • ISBN:9788131764510
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131764516
    • Price:Rs. 729.00
    • Pages:664
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    This book is a one-stop resource that explains all concepts, features and benefits of test automation and QTP with real-time examples. This book has been designed to be a beginner's guide for new users, a companion guide for experienced users and a reference guide for professionals appearing for interviews or certification exams on test automation and QTP.

    Table of Content

    1. Introduction - Test Automation
    2. Test Automation Life Cycle
    3. Test Automation Approach
    4. Test Automation Framework
    5. Model Driven Framework
    6. Agile Automation Framework
    7. Test Automation Metrics
    8. Test Automation Processes
    9. VBScript
    10. Dictionary
    11. Regular Expressions
    12. QTP Introduction
    13. Object Identification
    14. Test Script Development
    15. Environment Variables
    16. Library
    17. Action
    18. Object Repository
    19. DataTable
    20. Working with Web Application objects
    21. Descriptive Programming
    22. Synchronization
    23. CheckPoints
    24. Debugging
    25. Recovery Scenario
    26. Test Results
    27. Working with PuTTY
    28. Windows Scripting
    29. QTP Automation Object Model
    30. HTML DOM
    31. Working with Notepad
    32. Working with Microsoft Excel
    33. Working with Database
    34. Working with XML
    35. Working with Microsoft Word
    36. Working with Mail Client
    37. Integrating QTP with Quality Centre
    38. ASTARC Tool
    39. Whats new in Functional Testing 11
    40. Business Test Processing

  • Appendix A: Test Script Template
  • Appendix B: Scripting Guidelines
  • Appendix C: VBScript Naming Conventions
  • Appendix D: Script Review Checklist
  • Appendix E: Test Tool Evaluation Chart
  • Appendix F: Object Idendification Standards for Web Application
  • Appendix G: QuickTest Pro System Requirements
  • Appendix H: HP Functional Testing 11 Product Availability Matrix
  • Salient Features

    • Describes in detail how to start, execute, maintain and manage a test automation project
    • Describes in detail test automation life cycle—need analysis, ROI analysis, tool analysis, framework design, script development and maintenance
    • Detailed coverage of advanced topics such as smart object identification, object repository design, regular expressions, descriptive programming, recovery scenarios and automation object model
    • Contains various templates specifically for meeting client requirements