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Food Science, Nutrition and Safety

Food Science, Nutrition and Safety

  • Sukhneet Suri
  • Anita Malhotra
  • Author: Sukhneet Suri
    • ISBN:9788131771105
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131771105
    • Price:Rs. 479.00
    • Pages:472
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    With the precise aim of enhancing the skills that students and professionals need to excel in the food industry, Food Science, Nutrition and Safety for the first time brings together a detailed analysis of diverse topics such as food processing, dietary guidelines, nutritive value, food additives, and food laws.  Divided into three parts—each to address the broad components of food science, nutrition and safety—this book is a course-defining learning asset that will benefit students as well as hardened food professionals.

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    Table of Content

    Chapter 01  Food Science - an Introduction
    Chapter 02  Carbohydrates
    Chapter 03  Fats and Oils
    Chapter 04  Proteins 
    Chapter 05  Food Processing
    Chapter 06  Evaluation of Food
    Chapter 07  Emulsions
    Chapter 08  Colloids
    Chapter 09  Flavours
    Chapter 10  Browning

    Chapter 11  Nutrition: Basic Aspects
    Chapter 12  Energy
    Chapter 13  Macronutrients
    Chapter 14  Micronutrients
    Chapter 15  Water
    Chapter 16  Balanced Diet
    Chapter 17  Meal Planning
    Chapter 18  Food Processing and Nutritive Value
    Chapter 19  Nutrition and Health: Focus of the Food Industry

    Chapter 20  Introduction to Food Safety
    Chapter 21  Micro-organisms in Food
    Chapter 22  Food Spoilage and Preservation
    Chapter 23  Beneficial Role of Microorganisms
    Chapter 24  Food Borne Diseases
    Chapter 25  Food Additives
    Chapter 26  Food Contaminants and Adulterants
    Chapter 27  Food Laws and Regulations
    Chapter 28  Quality Management
    Chapter 29  Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Sector
    Chapter 30  Recent Concerns

    Salient Features

    • Part One: Food Science introduces the reader to food science by discussing its scope in all forms of micro and macro enterprises associated with food business with special emphasis on the hospitality industry.
    • Part Two: Nutrition focuses on food nutrition by detailing the concepts of under, over and optimum nutrition, and the basics of preparing nutritious meals.
    • Part Three: Food Safety address the crucial aspect of food safety by outlining the causes of food spoilage, methods of food preservation and ways of handling food safely.