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The ABC of News Anchoring

The ABC of News Anchoring

  • Richa Jain Kalra
  • Author: Richa Jain Kalra
    • ISBN:9788131773413
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131773418
    • Price:Rs. 299.00
    • Pages:152
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    The ABC of News Anchoring is one of the first books that discusses the truth about the field of news anchoring in India. Richa Jain Kalra, a news anchor herself, has used her anchoring experience to explain how students should prepare themselves for this career, how they should sustain themselves on the job and what they should do to chart their way towards success. This book is divided into four parts. While the first part deals with the basic training for anchors (including qualities required to be a good anchor, how to conduct interviews and phonos, how to read a teleprompter and so on), the second part contains the truth about the news anchoring business. The third section deals with sustaining a news anchoring career (by avoiding mistakes, getting better at anchoring and so on) and the final part contains the views of established anchors.

    Table of Content

    Foreword by Dr Prannoy Roy

    Need for This Book

    I. Basics of News Anchoring

    1. A News Anchor Is Not a News Reader

    2. Qualities of a Successful Anchor

    3. Challenges in News Anchoring

    4. An Anchor’s Role

    5. Anchoring from Different Locations

    6. Specialized Forms of Anchoring

    7. Interviewing Guests

    8. Conducting Phonos, OBs and Interviews

    9. Panel Discussions and Talk Shows

    10. Reading a Teleprompter

    II. Preparing for a Career in Anchoring

    11. Brutal Truth About the Television News Business

    12. Creating the Résumé and the Tape

    13. Dressing Appropriately

    14. Facing the Camera for the First Time

    15. The Right Emotion for the Right Story

    III. On the Road to Being Successful

    16. Anchoring Secrets

    17. Avoiding Common Mistakes

    18. Transitioning from Reporting to Anchoring

    19. Recovering from Failure

    20. Getting Better at Anchoring

    21. Sustaining a News Anchoring Career

    22. Learning on the Job

    23. The Mantra for Success

    IV. Experts Speak

    24. Words of Wisdom—Rajdeep Sardesai

    25. Train Yourself To Be a Competent Anchor—Vinod Dua

    26. What It Takes to Be a Business Anchor—Ashutosh Sinha

    27. The Joy of Sports Anchoring—Sonali Chander

    28. Television Reporting Versus Television Anchoring—Veera Raghav

    29. Updating Your Anchoring Skills—Ajit Anjum

    30. The Daily Weather Update—Namrata Sharma

    Important Terms

    Salient Features

    • News anchoring jargon explained under Important Terms

    • Examples from contemporary news items

    • Tips at the end of chapters giving additional practical advice for anchors Views and experiences of seasoned anchors